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            Deputy Party secretary tours Sinomach subsidiaries



            Song Xin, deputy Party secretary of China National Machinery Industry Co (Sinomach) visited the company’s subsidiaries in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, from March 6 to 7.

            During his tour of factories belonging to Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co (ZYS) and China Hi-tech Group, he was briefed on the companies’ performance during 2018, as well as their plans for 2019.

            Song spoke of the important balance between research and manufacturing at ZYS and stressed the high quality of its products and training of employees.

            At China Hi-tech’s offices in Zhengzhou, Song expressed his approval for the company’s current efforts to reform itself and improve innovation, and pointed out the need to strengthen the company’s competitiveness by mastering core technologies.

            Song Xin (L), deputy Party secretary of Sinomach, is pictured at a factory of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co in Zhengzhou, March 6. [Photo/sinomach.com.cn] 



            A worker introduces a textile machine to Song Xin (second from left) at a workshop of China Hi-tech Group in Zhengzhou, March 7. [Photo/sinomach.com.cn]


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