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            Our Business

            • Heavy Machinery

              Sinomach has successfully tackled many technical difficulties concerning complete sets of equipment. It has also won numerous top prizes in China for its scientific and technological achievements.

            • Heavy Duty Castings and Forgings

              Sinomach, the largest casting and manufacturing base in China, possesses large modern equipment and facilities for smelting, casting, forging, heat treatment and machining, along with complete testing methods and sound quality assurance systems.

            • Nuclear Power Equipment

              Sinomach boasts the most advanced technology for manufacturing nuclear island main equipment in China and holds the license for manufacturing 1,000MW nuclear pressure equipment.

            • Agricultural machinery

              As the largest enterprise in China that specializes in developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, Sinomach has earned a worldwide reputation for its agricultural machinery products.

            • Construction Machinery

              A large number of engineering machinery products at the worldwide level have been developed and manufactured, many of them the first of their kind in China.


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