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            Nuclear Power Equipment


            Sinomach boasts cutting-edge technology for manufacturing main nuclear power equipment in China and is licensed for manufacturing 1,000MW nuclear pressure equipment. It has provided forgings for various major domestic equipment manufacturers during multiple national key nuclear power projects.

            Sinomach has successfully developed the first 1,100MW nuclear half-speed rotor in China. The company has used its proprietary technology to resolve difficult core manufacturing technology problems concerning AP1000 nuclear power main pipelines. The company also holds independent intellectual property rights.

            The castings and forgings for power stations

            The hydrogenation reactor

            • Hydrogenation Reactor for Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Co.

            • CPR1000 Half Speed Nuclear Power Generator Rotor

            • CPR1000 Half Speed Nuclear Steam Turbine Rotor

            • AP1000 Main Pipeline Hot Section A


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