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            Heavy Machinery


            Sinomach provides large quantities of complete sets and lines of equipment (some exported abroad) for major iron and steel enterprises in China. It is the largest R&D and equipment manufacturing facility in China. The company adopts critical technology, including those for complete sets of metallurgical and forging equipment. Sinomach has successfully tackled many technical difficulties concerning complete sets of equipment. It has won numerous top prizes in China for its scientific and technological achievements. A large number of scientific and technological achievements of Sinomach are leaders in China and very competitive at the international level.

            Metallurgical Equipment
            Heavy-medium plate mills

            Hot-cold strip rolling mills

            Slab continuous casting equipment

            Forging Press Equipment
            Heavy forging/extrusion equipment

            Plate and strip-finishing and deep-processing equipment

            Tube, bar and wire-rolling, and finishing equipment

            Various kinds of mechanical presses

            • 19500 ton Free Forging Hydraulic Press with the World’s Largest Tonnage

            • 5M Baosteel Rolling Mill

            • The World’s Largest Cross-section Arc Plate Blank Continuous Casting Machine

            • 125 MN Double-Acting Aluminum Extrusion Assembly Line

            • China’s First Independently Developed Complete Set of Five-Stand Tandem Large Strip Steel Cold Mills Complex

            • Core Equipment of 150,000-ton Tinplate Assembly Line Research on Key Technique of “Two Rolling Mills and One Skin-Pass” Set

            • 800MN Heavy Duty Forging Press


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