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            Sinomach provides exhibition services for many areas in the machinery and electrical industries. The company has held a number of internationally well-known exhibitions involving automobiles, auto parts and components; machine tools; construction machinery; agricultural machinery; geological equipment; and photographic devices. The company has enjoyed a leading market share in the domestic exhibition business. It has arranged important product exhibition and communication platforms for suppliers both in China and abroad.

            Sinomach owns the largest auto show company in China. It boasts a remarkable advantage in holding comprehensive auto shows, as well as those displaying specialized auto parts and components, international commercial vehicles and automobile aftermarket.

            Construction Machinery Expo

            Machine Tool Expo

            Geological Equipment Expo

            Photographic Appliance Expo

            Guangzhou Fair

            • China International Geo-Tech Expo

            • China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition

            • China International Photographic Appliances & Digital Image Expo

            • International Automobile Exhibition In Macao

            • Auto China in Beijing

            • China Import and Export Fair

            • China International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

            • Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar

            • Exhibition Expo of Auto Parts, Testing Machines, and Auto Services in Shanghai


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