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            Ethics and Values

            Ethics and Values



            Sinomach upholds the business philosophy of “working together and pursuing win-win innovation,” and promotes a “harmonious” corporate culture. It tries to lead the industry by advancing social development, living up to its social responsibilities and making itself a valuable, innovative, green, happy enterprise and best equipment supplier worldwide. Sinomach staff maintain a scientific outlook on development, shoulder their responsibility, work to benefit the public and maximize the interests of employees and the country as a whole.

            Sinomach values corporate social responsibility and is active in social responsibility practice.

            Sinomach insists on quality-oriented growth and constantly improves products to build a complete industrial chain. It creates value for customers and related parties through high-quality service. While sharpening its ability to create value, it contributes a great deal to the country’s healthy economic development.

            Sinomach puts emphasis on scientific innovation and developing a top talented team. Sinomach sincerely welcomes all kinds of talents by offering them innovative programs, business training, salary incentives, and a good R&D environment to fully realize their potential.

            Green, low-carbon development
            Sinomach pursues green, low-carbon development and applies energy conservation and environmental protection technology in product R&D. It provides integration services for energy conservation and environmentally-friendly projects and builds the resource-saving production mode and operation mode. Sinomach works vigorously for low-carbon operations, green industry standards and green machinery manufacturing, and has contributed a lot to the construction of a “beautiful China”.

            A happy enterprise
            Sinomach works hard to protect employees’ interest, pays great attention to safety production and stress mutual cooperation and public welfare to develop a “happy Sinomach”.


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